The Royal Effect...What's Behind the Name

"The Royal Effect"...when I first heard God whisper that name to me I laughed!! It came in the midst of searching for the "perfect" name for what will one day be an Empire (speaking it into existence)! I knew God had given us an entrepreneurial ministry. Out of nowhere He gave us a custom apparel and gifts business, but I knew I wanted our business to be more than that. Of course, in the beginning the plan was to start out focusing on just that, and eventually role out additional businesses under this then unknown name. I prayed and asked God for a name that felt right; a name that would embody both my nonprofit organization and the direction I wanted to go in with a for-profit ministry! I sought advice from my closest friends, but their amazing suggestions didn't quite fit. I asked my mom, and like always...she told me to ask God! I decided to just pray and wait on the voice of God.

In the middle of teaching (literally), I heard a small voice whisper "The Royal Effect"! I ran over to my desk and wrote it down. At the end of the day, I sat down and read what I had written earlier that morning. I immediately thought about The OPRAH Effect. I began looking up what it meant, and I read that the Oprah Effect was, "A phenomenon resulting from the extensive power of a tv personality". It tickled me to read that because when I heard "The Royal Effect", I thought about the result of being touched by Royalty.

Those who know me are familiar with our nonprofit organization, Q Exclusive, Inc. For years our tagline has been "Discovering the Royalty Within". When God gave me "The Royal Effect", I knew it was the perfect name for a for-profit business! Like the Oprah Effect, I truly believe Discovering your Royalty really does have a profound effect on your life! I know this from experience!!! The Royal Effect LLC is more than just another t-shirt company. It is a ministry birth out of someone who, for years, struggled with her identity. With every piece of garment we press; with every design we create, it is our prayer that the person/people receiving the order will be blessed to know and understand Who they are and Whose they are!!! Only God can have that effect on us! It's The Royal Effect!!!

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